My Big Fat DIY Pinterest Fail

That’s right, folks. This blog does not encompass the common “how-to” steps that will lead you to a perfect home décor item that looks like it belongs in a Pier 1 Imports catalogue. Instead, I’m going to take you through my journey of a big fat DIY Pinterest fail. Please use my “what not to do” lessons to save yourself from a similar fate.

Prior to the epic fail…

picc off mee

That’s me. So young, so naïve.

The original plan was to revamp a Goodwill lamp using spray paint and gift-wrap paper (an idea found on Pinterest, of course). The final product was supposed to look like this:

pic of first lampppp

Courtesy of: Home of the Barkers

Looks simple right? However, rather than sticking to the original plan, I chose to take on a more challenging Pinterest project – my first mistake. I was going to create a shabby chic rosette lampshade.

pic of second lampppp

Courtesy of: SimplyCiani

Kudos to Jennifer for making this, because (as I discovered) that is one extremely difficult, time-consuming DIY project. To be fair, she did give fair warning that the lampshade would take forever to make, but I was fully confident that my attempt to imitate the shabby chic rosette lampshade would be a success. I gathered all of my supplies and started gluing – WITHOUT taking the time to measure the amount of fabric that would be needed to fully cover the lampshade – my second mistake. To correct it, I decided to buy a second color of fabric and construct some kind of an ombre lamp. That, as it turned out, was a terrible idea.

After hours of tedious work and burning myself with the hot glue gun 75,785,678,654 times, my final product came out looking like this:

pic of final lamppp

Not so chic. This picture illustrates the lessons to take from my DIY fail. As you can see, the purchased giftwrap paper was not put to use. A lesson here – stick to the original plan. Furthermore, if you decide that you’re up for the lampshade challenge – PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! Measure and use double-sided tape to block out your rosettes before doing anything permanent. Had I done that, the lampshade may have turned out to be “chic” instead of “eek.”





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